View Full Version : Saves - Can Anyone Remind Me?

10th Apr 2007, 19:24
Hello all,

I haven't reloaded Legend since last year - much to my discredit I keep putting it off seeing as I was getting more than a little frustrated with an enemy I could not defeat.

Maybe I have missed something in the manual but when I started reloading previous saves they were not saved at the point that I selected for some reason. Also I saved in the manor/mansion but when I reloaded it all my progress had not been stored :scratch:

Am I doing something wrong? I feel so lame for having to ask but this is another reason I stopped playing for a time - thinking that any progress I made would not be recorded, even though I was saving at the designated checkpoints. What could I be doing wrong do you suggest? I couldn't even tell you what the save key was off hand it's been that long since I played.

I managed to get an outfit but I am beginning to realise I have missed quite a bit having read threads on this subject.

Thanks if anyone has any suggestions. :)

13th Apr 2007, 15:10
Well, unlike the previous TR games, it doesnt save at the exact point you are. If you manually save anywhere, when you reload the svae it will go back to the last checkpoint you corssed when you saved that save.

For example, if you crossed a checkpoint with having collected 4 bronze rewards and you have 40 rounds of ammo...and you play for another 10 mins and collect an extra 3 bronze awards and spend 10 rounds of ammo, save your game now without having reached the next checkpoint, and reload it, you will be standing at the checkpoint with 4 bronze rewards and 40 rounds of ammo.

Is that what you meant? :confused:

25th Apr 2007, 00:12
Thanks for the reply and sorry for the delay in my acknowledgement, I only just remembered this thread :o

Yes, I sort of realised that one would be returned to the checkpoint/last save but I just wondered how it works in the mansion (sorry it's all a bit vague having not played in almost a year). I did so much in there - the timed run betwixt the upper landing ledges and such but when I returned I had to start from scratch.

I hate to say as much but it does frustrate me when Eidos keep changing perfectly workable and familiar methods of doing things. Some might call it progress but I call it putting a rusty spanner in the works.

I just wish they would leave well alone. Maybe it's my obstinacy but change is only good when it serves a positive purpose. You become so adept at the controls after many, many hours of gameplay and then they go and change it all for apparently no bonafide reason. Why, why, why? :rolleyes: