View Full Version : Looking for Cradle Of Life action figures

9th Apr 2007, 01:45

So, does anyone know anywhere I could find the 2 Lara Croft action figures from Cradle of Life? Any store that ships worldwide you might recommend is welcome. I've been looking on eBay but these haven't been turning up oftenly.

Thanks. :)

John Carter
9th Apr 2007, 02:40
Saw a couple last month or two on Amazon.com, of all places, don't know if they're still there.

A quick search found this- http://store.thundermall.com/laracroft.html

9th Apr 2007, 04:18
GO HERE www.tombraiderstore.com/ :)
TOMB RAIDER FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14th Apr 2007, 00:33
Huh, I seemed to have overlooked this thread...

Well Treeble, I believe this site has the most Cradle of Life figures, if not the most TR figures, I've ever seen... Be warned though, these are very expensive and I don't think you'd be willing to spend that much... :scratch:


Now I thought I had several more links to similar sites, but unfortunately I can't find them :mad2:
I shall post them if I find them though. Hope this helps, despite the prices :o

16th Apr 2007, 18:39
i see them come up on ebay all the time

Captain Mazda
16th Apr 2007, 21:36
Action figures? http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a382/CaptainMazda/Smilies/icon6.gif