View Full Version : USER INTERFACE [suggestion] Change Server Queue to classic style UI

23rd Oct 2013, 09:17
I understand that it is a f2p Game and how it "should" look.

But let´s have a second Look.

If you could implement (for the Testing Time) a Classic Server Browser,
(like all the Old Shoothers have(CS,UT,RTCW or War of the Vikings, War of the Roses ect...im sure you know what im talking about)
It would be much more easy for us to find a Game, to test Stuff, almost on every Server i played Yesterday after a match 2 or 3 Persons Leave the Match, and until new People Join,...well lets say it takes some Time.

Also it would be nice to launch the Match with 6 People ect,...

I´d like to Test stuff, but sitting on the PC 1-2 Hours for 30 min Game Time seems a little hard for me ^^

The Thing is we need better accessiblty.
Thanks for Reading and sorry for my Bad english :)