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5th Apr 2007, 18:29
it may sound stupid but i'm stuck on the level where you have to swim underwater in peru and once in this big dome area i can see these blue balls in a statue and was wondering if this has anything to do with completing the level because i'm stuck.:scratch:

5th Apr 2007, 19:56
Its been a while since i've played it but I think I know where you are. You need to be at the right position infront of the blue ball things (I had a bit of trouble at first) but just keep trying and keep pressing action and she should pull them. I think you need to do them in a certain order too

rabid metro
5th Apr 2007, 21:51
follow the link below to see a video walkthrough for Peru.
i think you'll be interseted in section 9.


other helpful sites:

Stella's site is fun! (http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/)

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