View Full Version : USER INTERFACE Status-Message not hideable in Lobby

22nd Oct 2013, 21:03

When you are in a Game-Lobby (while waiting for players for example) and you open the Status-Info at the top-right corner, you can't close it anymore, because it's under the Player-List (http://puu.sh/4WOBH.jpg).

In case you really want to close it, you can switch to the news-page (or a similar one), close it, and then go back to the lobby-screen. However I think you should also be able to hide it again without switching screens.

31st Oct 2013, 21:18
Please remove your image link and create a file and upload to: http://dbinbox.com/nosgothqa

These files even how edited they are, are still breaking the NDA.
Even so thanks for reporting, I will put this one also in the Known bug/glitch list.