View Full Version : BOTH FACTIONS Summary after first few rounds

22nd Oct 2013, 19:32
First and foremost: wow. Nosgoth is a pretty amazing game and Im very glad I can test it. Since these are only my first impressions after 4 rounds, dont expect too much.
Tuesday, 22.10.13
After the servers went up I immediately searched for a lobby. Didnt take long. My very first round was as the vampires. I tried out all classes, just to see how the game works and how the classes play.
My first thought was: Hunter from L4D. Pretty fun to play in my opinion, no balancing needed as for now.
Looks heavy, feels heavy, dies fast. Spot the mistake.
After finally finding out how to fly, I had an amazing time. Grabbing people and flying away...awesome feeling.

Next round, humans.
Same thing as vampires, just tried out all classes, getting a feeling.
I dont really know what to say about them, I just had a good time. Well there is one thing at least. Holding RMB for charge and LMB for releasing the arrow? Interesting..and irritating. Many times have I charged a shot and let go of the RMB because I thought it would fire the arrow. Nope.
OP crossbow is OP. A bit too strong in my opinion, but still fun to play. Many times have I run out of ammo and was unable to recharge at these station-thingies because no vampire was able to get near me.
Least favourite class. Maybe its just the grenade-launcher I dont like.

I was happy with most of them, the only skill I bought is Grappling Hook. I was disappointed that you can only grapple to fixed locations. Furthermore I think that Volley is just a tad too weak.

I was only able to play 4 matches because I had some problems finding lobbies. Especially when grouping up. Often, there is just 1 player missing and it shouldnt take long to find 1 player out of 49000. I had to restart the game a bunch of times until I finally found a lobby.
In the end, I just need some more time to fully inspect everything there is. Im looking forward for Thursday, 24th October for more testing.