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1st Apr 2007, 13:01
I'm having a similar problem. I just bought T: DS on Steam. The game loads up to the menu just fine but when i go to new game the first problem is that my sound cracks real bad and slows down. the big problem is that when i click 'Start' it will switch over and load up but then all i get is the sounds, the video remains stuck on the loading screen. I can move and switch to the menu but it still remains on the loading screen. My Comp stats are as follows:
CPU: P4 with HT, 3.06Ghz OCed: 3.54Ghz
Video: GeForce 7600 GS nVidia Drivers for Vista, Version 100.65 - Dual Monitors
Sound: Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic
Ram: 2Gb DDR2
HDD: 1 TB 1 IDE 2 Sata
Operating System: Windows Vista Ultimate
DX: DX 10
Any help would be great, the compatibility and affinty things won't work.

Note: i did reply to a pervious topic but felt it would be better to open up a new one since this is the steam version and not the stand alone.

1st Apr 2007, 21:27
I am afraid that Vista is beyond me. Owing to many software compatibility problems, especially with Thief, I think I will never install Vista. Steam also. That is an untested combination that few players around here are likely to duplicate. I have read about problems playing TDS with Vista and problems with Steam. If it were me, and I really wanted to play Thief, I would go back to XP or 2000 and the original CD versions of the game. Assuming you don't want to do that, there is a possibility that players at TTLG have dealt with one or the other of these issues, perhaps not in combination.

I do see one thing about your configuration that looks suspicious. Past a certain point, Nvidia drivers stop working with Thief 1 and 2. TDS may still be OK -- I don't know. I have read that Vista may help with the drivers in that regard, but to me the cure is worse than the disease. I suggest you download an older driver set and try that. I have 81.85, and it works. I think 84.xx is the last good set for T1 and T2.

Thief is being driven out by Microsoft and Nvidia. ATI is better at this point. The best bet is to use an older computer and keep a supply of parts or to never upgrade past a certain point.

6th Apr 2007, 01:00
Install the 101.41 BETA drivers for Vista and T: DS should run fine. Good luck :)

8th Apr 2007, 19:02
Did that and now it works fine, thanx!

10th Apr 2007, 20:21
you're more than welcome brother. the 101.41 drivers have fixed a few other issues as well in other games for me, looks like a good build

13th Apr 2007, 13:08
Now if only they would bring back the classic control panel instead of the crappy new one, we'd be set. Thanx again, i can finally play T: DS and i'm so glad i can >> nothing like popping gaurds in the head with broad head arrows :P