View Full Version : Thief 2 crashes

30th Mar 2007, 20:58
After quite a while of having gone through the thief games, I'm back. I installed and played through Thief 1 (with fix). Then I installed T2, without problems, but I can't play as it constantly CTD's or freezes. I used to play these games on my previous two PCs (98 SE and XP) without a problem. My new PC is a Dell 9150 with 1 GB memory, XP SP2, Geforce 7600 card, an LCD screen with 1280 x 1024 resolution. I set the in game res to 1280 x 1024, I wonder if that could be the problem? or what, if not that?

31st Mar 2007, 04:53
If dual core, set affiniity to one processor after you get Thief started but before you play.