View Full Version : MISC. Thoughts regarding Alpha test 22/10-2013

22nd Oct 2013, 18:39
I had quite the problem getting the game to find any active servers for this test period, the game couldnt find any servers for me to connect to. Until it was 45 mins left of the Alpha testing then I managed to get into a game and tried to play some. Until the problem went away (cuz I have no idea if I did anything right) I tried to reboot steam, entered and tried the game if it could find any servers (it didnt), I launched "Nosgoth" multiple times and tried again without success, I even restarted the computer to no avail. I am playing on the Eu server ( cant remember the nr for it atm)

Ok so I noticed that after the matches have occured you are shown a page where a experience bar is increased on the classes you have played as during the game. This page also shows the other classes you have available to you but I have noticed that I cannot scroll down to view my other classes and see how much exp they got through it.