View Full Version : MISC. game changing nerf are not needed here

22nd Oct 2013, 17:41
I honestly played the game with a bit of apprehension, and after 3 minutes ... no even less, I was already killing peoples. Really naturaly.
The gameplay it self is easy to understand and if there is one thing that I loved about the game is that you need to play " BOTH " side to win, and this is a huge balancing factor.
If you think humans or vampires are too powerfull for whatever the reasons you want to believe. No need to cry over it, you'll play it on the next round, so it will be your turn to be the powerfull class, and if you still loose the game, well it is simply because they outplayed you, end of the line.

Just like in a Counter strike game where the CT on dust2 have the advantage of " defense " you will have to do it next round.

If there is one thing I hate nowadays, it's the NERF fest that everygame tend to do.
Nerf this, Nerf that.

For whatever the reason do not drasticaly nerf anything gameplay wise. the game "WILL" balance it self in the end. From what I have seen so far the game is pretty well balanced.

Do not start nerfing things just because some frustrated player start to cry over it. It is sad to say but let them cry, regardless of your nerf if they are bad and don't like the game they will leave. The same goes if they like it, they will stay regardless of you nerfing abilities or not.

So if you want my humble opinion. Write down the word "NERF" on a paper and drop it in the paperbasket and then just forget about this word. Because in all honesty, this is a game killer for me and a lot of players out there. Having to constantly modify my way of playing a game because developers keep chaging some gameplay mechanics of the game? it just annoy me.

The game is great and has a lot of potential to be played at a mainstream level. Keep up the good work guys, I'm really surprised by the gameplay.

22nd Oct 2013, 18:02
You realize you are playing an Alpha - an unfinished product that is INTENDED to be balanced out until launch? Right?

22nd Oct 2013, 21:00
I do realize it. why are you asking me that?

I'm merely stating that" FOR ME " the game doesn't need to nerf any of it's gameplay mechanics at the moment? Do you think my way of thinking is heretic?

I'm giving out My " opinion " on what " I " think about the game in it's current stat. Please you really don't need to lecture me the way you did. we are discussing a matter of opinion and the statements I mades are valid in my point of view.

For me, alpha or not I don't think the game currently need drastic changes at the core of it's gameplay mechanics. It plays right, the gameplay is fluid and dynamic ( closer to a finished beta than an alpha if you ask me ), it is already quite well balanced by the simple fact that you need to play on both side to win a game.

I'm not saying it shouldn't receive minors changes but that it shouldn't be nerfed on everysingle patch like League of Legends , WoW, BF3 does.. It constantly modify the game and modify the way it is played. I can't stand it.

The games plays well the way it is? Then i'm all for leaving it like that and just start polishing the game as a whole.

In all honesty and that's a compliment, I barely believe that this is an alpha.