View Full Version : Why The Dramatic Music?

28th Mar 2007, 09:44
In The Lost Artefact, in the 'It's A Madhouse' level, Lara approaches a wall grate and we see this little red car drive down the street.

This is accompanied by some rather dramatic warning music. I have often pondered it's significance for the red car has nothing to do with the gameplay unless I am missing something!

I decided when last playing to avoid triggering the red car this way and when I got to that street outside it drives down then instead. I keep trying to out-run it lol but even if you are quick it just disappears when it reaches the end of the cobbled road and appears parked when you get there.

I assume it's merely put in as a clue as to where Lara is supposed to go but I just wondered why they incorporated the warning music. Has anyone else thought the same?

28th Mar 2007, 21:03
I haven't played the Lost Artifact but I know the feeling. In All Hallows in the main game, when you jump at the base of a pillar, really tense music plays, the 'ultra-shocking' tune, that only comes when something really serious is going on. But there was no danger around, and the only enemies you meet I met much later, where I was supposed to. Maybe it was just to scare us.:rolleyes:

Sophia Leigh
29th Mar 2007, 01:27
I never pondered it but is it supposed to be Sophia's car?

29th Mar 2007, 08:59
I'd guess said spoiler would be a valid explanation... I'd been wondering the same thing. It's just some rough little car, why such drama???


29th Mar 2007, 09:51
Yep it could well be even though said spoiler person doesn't appear in that level. Good thinking!

Incidentally Seth, The Lost Artefact is very hard to come by. A friend mugged me to my copy - he bidded for it on e-Bay :D I'm willing to share it however. I have loaned it out to raiders before so if you fancy a bash at the game (it is rather a good one), PM me and I'll happily send it on so you can have a go on it :)