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27th Mar 2007, 14:25
Hello all,

I've been playing Thief 3 for a good while now, and have been noticing a bug throughout the game:

Whenever I go to lockpick certain chests or doors, or climb a ladder, Garret will get "stuck" on thin air, and he seems to try to move towards it, but can't get to it. In the past it had just been a pester that I could try to avoid, but now that I am up to the Shalebridge Cradle mission I really have no other choice; I must climb the ladder near the beginning of the mission to progress but I cannot.

If anyone has any tips or knows of any certain patches or ini mods that will fix this, heck even modifying the levels in the map editor, I would sincerely appreciate it, as the one reason I got the game was for this mission and now I am permanently stuck within the first 2 minutes of the map.


29th Mar 2007, 06:52
What are your keyboard, mouse setups? If they are USB then this could be the problem. USB devices and Joysticks, cause all kinds of problems in TDS.

Check the Device manager and the USB devices. Look at the FAQ and FIXES threads. You may find a cure.

Anytime you have a GAMEPLAY problem, it is necessary to post your system specs. A soundcard, videocard, RAM size, CPU, and input devices all can be the cause of the problem.

Otherwise, no one really has a clue to your particular problem.

29th Mar 2007, 14:44

I've read up on the USB input devices stuff, and I personally think this is different but... ya never know.

CPU: Intel Core Duo 2.0GHZ
RAM: 2048MB DDR2
Video Card: nVidia GeForce 7900 GS 256MB
Sound Card: Integrated AC'97 Software Driven Sound System
Input: G15 USB Keyboard and G5 USB Mouse

Like you said it could be the fact that its a USB keyboard and mouse, but these are my only one's so I hope it isn't :X I will have to unplug them and use the built in touch-pad and keyboard and see.

Thanks for the reply,

29th Mar 2007, 18:13
I doubt it, but if it does turn out to be the problem, you can get a little plug adapter from usb to ps2 for your keyboard and mouse, since almost for sure your motherboard has ps2 plugs for them.

29th Mar 2007, 20:22
I don't remember you saying that it was a Laptop. That could be part of your problem.

As I recall, touchpads are not built into Desktop units.

Some laptops have major problems with TDS. Some can be tweaked, but in the main, we don't have much information on laptops to work with. Not too many players use them. A few, relatively, but in the overall a small sampling.

Try a search for "Laptops", and see if you can find any hints to help you out.

30th Mar 2007, 00:45
I haven't had any problems with either of the two laptops I've ran the game on.

30th Mar 2007, 07:19
Neither have other people. But some have. When TDS first came out and for some time after, laptoppers complained about running the game.

I have no problem with the games (all 6 versions) on my XP or Win98 version. But others have had.

One success (or two) does not a quarum make. :D

30th Mar 2007, 21:41
Hey thanks for the replies!

Well I tried the touchpad and built in keyboard to no avail. Still has the same bug.

Now I noticed it said it didn't support laptops, but I always assumed that that was simply because laptops at that time were nowhere near what they are now. I mean I don't have the fastest gaming rig out there but I play this game at max settings with an average of 100 - 130 frames per second, even with 3 - 4 people on the screen. And honestly this in-game glitch I'm getting couldn't possibly be because of the fact that I'm running a laptop :mad2: It's just too.... situational. Like it seems like some lockpicking setups are perfect, while others he just can't get to it. It almost seems like if theres anything remotely close to the object I'm trying to interact with, whether it be a brick wall, a ladder or a chest/door to lockpick Garret just gets stuck and won't use it properly.

Like I said, I'm open to any suggestions but really I don't feel that its because of my computer being a lappy :scratch:

Thanks again

31st Mar 2007, 00:30
Basically you are correct. "System and Powerwise" you should be alright. As for it only happening when another object is near.

Try approaching from a angle. Or with the ladders, try a Crouch jump at the ladder.

As an in game bug, this particular glitch has not been mentioned.

I've never had a hangup at a ladder. There are a chest or two, that are difficult to get at and at least one that will HANG YOU UP, and another that you can't actually get at.

The first is in the bunkroom of the Clocktower in the far rear corner. The other is in the lower level near the guard desk.

1st Apr 2007, 13:46
Ok I found something out, I will use a chest for lockpicking as an example:

If I get close enough to the chest so it highlights blue, then use it, Garret slowly creeps towards it in a rather frame-like manner. He seems to move at it one frame at a time and if I don't move after a few seconds the game lets go of him so I get control again. Almost like it "gave up" on trying to do the action. Now if I stay exactly where I was when the game let go and try using it again he continues moving frame by frame towards it until eventually after maybe 3 or 4 activates on the chest he will finally begin the lockpicking sequence. After I pick the lock he will leave the sequence and go back to normal movement and I can open the chest.

This same type of frame by frame jerking movement occurs when I try to climb some ladders. Like I said earlier, most ladders/chests/doors are fine, its just that about 40% of the rest are not. In most cases I ignored it, skipping things when I could, but on the Shalebridge Cradle level it makes things a bit difficult to proceed. :|

I sincerely wish I could Fraps a short 30 sec clip of what it looks like, but for some odd reason whenever I begin recording video using Fraps on this game... it locks up and I get one of those Windows XP errors where it says "Send or Don't Send" to Microsoft on the buttons.... strange.

1st Apr 2007, 16:26
Try this (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=102246&highlight=vsync).

1st Apr 2007, 20:55
Slow "frame by frame" movement is not uncommon with TDS. Many video cards are stressed to the max by TDS.

You can cruise HL or others at a high frame rate and TDS will drop that to about 9 or less sometimes.

Try disabling the VSYNC.

EDIT: I just noticed the link is to the VSYNC discussion.

2nd Apr 2007, 11:51
CONFIRMED: Enabling VSYNC has solved the problem! Thank you so much for the tip!

I would like to note however, that enabling vsync in the game menu did NOT work and I had to go into the nVidia control panel and enable it from there for it to go through. Could just be the fact that I had vsync set to off in the drivers and not a problem with the game per-say.

But man is that a relief :)

Thanks again! :D :thumbsup:

29th Sep 2007, 17:58

I have the same problem, with lockpicking (I have only climbed one ladder so far, the one in the training mission, and that went without any problems so i don't know if I also have the ladder problem yet). I have tried every bug fix I could find in this forum, including:

Enabling/disabling VSynch both in-game and in my video card's control panel
Turning off Bloom
Playing the game in different resolutions
Setting the game executables' affinity to one CPU (I'm on dualcore)
Turning off programs running in the background
Installing the 1.1 patch
Installing the Minimalist mod
Alt+TAB-ing in and out of the game
Not using a joystick/gamepad/USB keyboard and/or mouse
Looking through the game directory's .ini files for any hints/options that could be tweaked to make it work
Reinstalling the game
Updating the video card drivers

... but I still can't pick those locks. Could it be because I am using an ATI card instead of nvidia?

My system specs:
Windows XP SP2
DirectX v9.0c
ATI Radeon X1950 Pro
Intel Core2Duo 2.4 GHz

This is getting really annoying because it prevents me from exploring and/or getting 100% of the loot. The lockpicking mini-game just won't trigger on some locks. Surely it must be a fault with the game engine or scripting/programming? Is it possible to get an update for the game engine itself or something?

EDIT: I downloaded the T3DS demo, just to see if it works there... but it has the same problem.

EDIT 2: Problem solved, I did a couple of tweaks so I don't know which one solved the problem, but here they are: I am now emulating my ATI card as an nVidia GeForce 7900 GS video card (using ATI Tray Tools) with Vsynch ON, and I found some hidden processes run by Alwil Software's AVAST! Antivirus which I closed using Task Manager.

12th Oct 2007, 03:44
I had vsynch on at 1024x768 (running at 118 Hz), and I still had this problem. When I then forced the refresh rate to 60 Hz, with Vsynch still on, the problem was solved.

I suspect it might depend on the framerate being too high, and not directly on whether Vsynch is on or off. Is what you guys experience consistent with this?

Either way, the game is quite seriously bugged.

13th Oct 2007, 17:34
I have not tried running at refresh rates greter than 75 Hz, so I don't know.

It looks like a timing issue in the game, video card, or monitor. It's hard to tell where it lies. I am curious. Why do you feel the need to have a refresh rate of 118 Hz? Can you really tell the difference between 85 Hz and 118 Hz?

Most of what I read on this subject says that anything above 85 Hz is indistinguishable, but it depends on lots of factors. New, higher response time LCD's can update pixels at higher rates to avoid any blurring of fast moving objects, but does it make a noticeable difference to you?

I have a CRT set at 75 Hz, and I cannot notice any improvement or change above 75 Hz because my CRT a certain phosphor persistence, and faster refresh makes no difference. There could be a motion blurring effect with an LCD, but I am not sure your eye can detect the difference. Can it?

In any case, the timing issue is evident, and the solution for this game is to lower your monitor refresh rate, set Vsync on to prevent the video card from refreshing at a rate higher than your monitor setting, and get on with it. In addition, I think there is never a good reason to have Vsync off unless you are running benchmarks and want to get a higher score. Turning Vsync off just invites issues like tearing artifacts and now this one.

As a point of interest, irrelevant to this problem, setting vsync off highlights a bug in Thief 2. It has the effect of making people move much faster than they should. So, T2 has a motion timing problem that was not anticipated when T2 came out and computers were slower.

14th Oct 2007, 03:28
Yes, I can tell the difference. I experience a testable performance drop in games such as Quake III Arena, among others.

Also, "tearing" is only a problem at low refresh rates. Besides, VSync really just means 'tear at the bottom (or top) of the screen'. Rendering with VSync also means that it must wait for the scan to reach the bottom of the screen before it draws any new frame data.

Also, although new LCDs may quote fast response times, I think most of them still only run at 60 Hz.