View Full Version : Thief:Deadly Shadows PC error when installing

27th Mar 2007, 01:52
Every time, at the end of the second disk I get the

Feature Tranfer Error
Feature: Thief - Deadly Shadows Game Files
Component: GameFiles_US
File: D:/data3.cab
Error: data error (cyclic redundancy check)

And won't continue to install. Can I get some help please?

30th Mar 2007, 09:17
Most likely your CD is damaged. Check if there is scrats on CD.

31st Mar 2007, 06:05
You could also try making a copy of the disc. Sometimes it can be read enough to make a copy, even though during installation it wouldn't read it.

31st Mar 2007, 16:59
I have tried copying the Deadly Shadows disks for backup purposes. It didn't work. Something about the copy protection scheme prevented it from being installed from the copy, at least in my case.

If you know a way to bypass copy protection, please don't post it. That is against forum rules. I am not sure how the second disk works because I never got past the first. If a normal copy works, then you are home free.

I agree that a bad disk is the most likely scenario. Sometimes, however, a CD ROM drive will give errors and the disk is good. I suggest doing the following:

1. See if there are firmware update for your drive. If so, install it and try again.

2. Try installing on another computer to see if it might be your CD-ROM drive giving errors.

3. If all computers / firmware fail the same way, contact Eidos support (main web site) and ask them for a replacement. This is a public forum, not an Eidos support site. You need to ask them directly.

Let us know if you find a "legal" method that works. Good luck.:)

31st Mar 2007, 17:22
Oh yes, first discs are usually copy protected, but not usually second and after, which is why I made the suggestion :)