View Full Version : STORE Inventory and currency reset :(

22nd Oct 2013, 13:06
During the last test, I was trying hard to save up for permanent grenade for vampire hunter (my favorite human class), because the explosive shot does nothing and grenades are pretty cool anyway :cool:!
I got to around 900 (the cost is around 1000) and then the servers closed, so now it has all been for naught.
Could you remove the option to buy "permanent" items before it's actually possible to acquire them for more than 2 game tests? It's only fair so others won't have to share the same fate as I. :o

22nd Oct 2013, 13:45
I understand how you feel but that's how an Alpha Phase goes, sadly. Be happy, anyway : You were blessed to be able to play Nosgoth !

22nd Oct 2013, 15:30
Buying anything the Alpha permanently will be a bad idea. It's better you don't even think you can keep anything from Alpha to Beta - or from Beta to Open Beta. Maybe Open Beta to launch.

The purpose of the Alpha is to test the very early version of the game. Spend your gold on specific abilities, perks, weapons etc each test and then write up any bugs, suggestions and general feedback you have on the forums.

Personally I am still hoping we will get gold for focus testing, so we can actually spend it on one specific class to test the class in-depth. I realize the gold gain also has to be tested, but I feel trying to nail down the gameplay is more important here.

22nd Oct 2013, 16:10
We are hoping to avoid doing wipes in general, this was a one time case hopefully because of an economy bug. We don't plan to be wiping every few sessions for sure.

24th Oct 2013, 14:45
That's good. But just keep in mind that in order for "permanent" items to actually be as cost effective as 1 week items, they need to last at least 4 weeks. If it isn't likely that they'll last that long, in my opinion it'd be better not to sell them yet.

24th Oct 2013, 14:52
That's good. But just keep in mind that in order for "permanent" items to actually be as cost effective as 1 week items, they need to last at least 4 weeks.

The price for most item's that are permanent are actually on that level, from what I remember. About 1000-1200, isn't it? Might actually be a tiny bit too low on the price there going by the current gold rate.

We are in early though, so no use analyzing shop pricing right now.

24th Oct 2013, 15:31
Im not really analyzing the price here as much as im just doing the math. Since the permanent items cost 4 times (or was it 5 :D? Now you made me uncertain) as much as temporary items, they'd need to last at least that much longer for buying them to make sense.
Im just saying that if it seems likely that there will be another swipe during next month or so, buying permanent items will just make people waste gold and leave them feeling really disappointed.

24th Oct 2013, 15:47
Well, it's an Alpha. And we only get to play like twice a week. So I guess buying Permanent Items is kinda ... uhm ... pointless? They do however last forever right now. Permanent. Kinda in the name.

The pricing is however fine. Right now I feel buying the 300g items and testing all classes, items and such is favorable over trying to unlock one class entirely forever (especially since I suspect a wipe towards launch).

Perks ... well, I feel those could be free entirely right now. I don't think anyone is really going for those for a while to come, since there is more interesting things to try out.

31st Oct 2013, 18:13
What is to point anyway that we are testing thing and we can unlock them only 7 days aka 2 game session ??? Including everything is working so horrible now so you can't even play.

I played Battlefield 3 - open beta you was able to unlock almost everything as only playing the game and when real game launched it was clean slate.