View Full Version : Will the 360 version get a patch? Also a friendly message for Avalanche and Eidos.

25th Mar 2007, 04:43
I hope so. If anyone could answer this I would appreciate it.

Also, Avalanche/Eidos, if youre listening, please make the patch spawn the Excelsior and the Octavio spawn at the main airport. That would make some VERY happy Just Cause fans. And add a spawn point for the underwater scooter.
I mean, even if involves more than a patch and some free DLC to add these, alot of people will love your game even more.
I know its possible.

25th Mar 2007, 15:43
STOP ASKING! If there would ever be a patch, it would only be for the PC, first of all. Secondly, unforunately for all the PC fans, Avalanche and Edios could care less. If you read previous posts, you would see that they have already moved on to a Just Cause 2.

26th Mar 2007, 06:39
Thats awfully selfish, claiming that only the PC version would get a patch. XBox games get many patches you know, often at the same time as PC games.
I have had many of my games patched over Xbox Live.
Besides, Just Cause on Xbox 360 is by far superior to the PC version and has no where near as many bugs. As you can see all I am really worried about are vehicle spawns.
Also, I believe my question was directed at Eidos/Avalanche (So if an employee reads this... I would like to hear it from the source) But thanks anyway Mr. Elder, and next time please dont use CAPS LOCK when you tell me what to do, it only makes me angry.

(P.S: The Datsuns Rock)

26th Mar 2007, 22:18
Raagh!!! Didn't think you'd bite. When I said the PC would be patched is: 1. There are more problems (as you stated) and 2. They are easier to patch. None of the admins come around here anymore because, as I stated, they simply have newer games. If you weren't too busy thinking of a comeback, you would have checked previous post, which clearly state what was/is happening with patches. Sorry for the inconvience.

Best regards
~Dr. Elder
(PS: If you don't know what sagacious means, it means wise)

27th Mar 2007, 03:32
Bite?! Im 102 and no longer have teeth! You have to learn not to make assumptions. Actually you know what? I like you. You are one of the few who have a sense of humor. Well now that thats settled... Im off to have a drink.
Please, no one else reply to this thread, let it die. (Unless a moderator actually has an answer for me? Pleeaaase?)

Cheers mate,
(P.S: Sagacious sounds like something out of Star Wars)