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24th Mar 2007, 07:44
hey i was playing tombraider 2 today and I discovered a move i never seen her do! I was playing bartolli's hidout and I was on the first balcony and wanted to dive...so i did and held circle right after she dived...she dived but also did this flip with it......you have to be really high to be able to do it though.It's really cool!

24th Mar 2007, 08:34
The American guy who holds the world record for the fastest time on the TR2 assault course also does a mid-air flip like this when Lara jumps towards the rope ladder and lands in the water (the jump is too far), though I can't see any benefit from it. Maybe he made a mistake lol.

I forget his time but he takes a few cool shortcuts to get the quickest time. He tried hundreds of ways until he came up with the most effective path through the course without 'cheating'. :)