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22nd Mar 2007, 01:17
I am about to kill myself trying to find some proven strategies for the online maps. I would love to hear some that have personally worked or of some websites that have those strategies. Thankx. It really doesn't matter which map. Any map that you know of would do just fine.

22nd Mar 2007, 06:24
What map you need a strat on I know some good ones

(AAAJIM) goose1978
22nd Mar 2007, 15:12
at the solomon islands, go for the ship yards first....always...

Comm. Codey
24th Mar 2007, 17:55
General logic strategy's to survive:

- Try to stay close to your teammates, don't find yourself fighting completely alone vs multiple enemy's.

- Keep a close and regular look at the tactical map, planes, ships, subs. Try to see what's comming to ya

- When you have to fight a battleship with more health the you and your outclassed try to get withing the 1.6 miles and get the enemy ship right behind you (chasing you) in that way you can hit him, but all his shot's will miss cause he can anly aim at the back of your ship wich is moving away from him.

- Always set your repair crew to water repair from the start, this is the deadliest form of damage so you won't get surprised when your ship get's water damage while you are playing a other unit.

- When torpedo planes are incoming turn your ship to the incoming planes, in this way you should be able to dodge atleast half the torpedo's (with fast ships almost all)

- If you get any sort of damage under a fight, always immidiatly go to the repair screen to fix it