View Full Version : Thief 2 won't run, never saw this error before..

22nd Mar 2007, 00:01
Hello I just reinstalled Thief 2 and i cant get it to run. Windows gives an error message saying:

"You have 15M of free disk space. Thief 2 recquires 35M. Thief 2 cannot run."

I have run Thief 2 on this exact same system before without a hickup. So i dont know what is going on. I have 1 GB of ram, and 12GB of free hard disk space.

Could it be that my page file is too small?

22nd Mar 2007, 00:12
This is a common problem covered in FAQs and such. Just delete a few things or add a few things to get past the temporary point at which the next section of your hard drive is exactly within 15 meg

22nd Mar 2007, 12:44
Yeah that fixed it. what a weird bug. I never heard anything about it before. thanks for the help!:cool: