View Full Version : Remote Explosive trigger wont work

19th Mar 2007, 23:49
Now I may just be stupid but How do you get the trigger to work on the remote explosives? I have tried most everything. (PC verison)

12th Jul 2007, 03:52
I have the same exact problem on the 360. The remote detonator is gone. I cannot see or select in in my weapons. I went to every safe house that offers explosives. Not there. I grabbed the explosives next to the trailer in the power station mission. No luck.

I've read dozens, maybe hundreds of complaints about this online, so it's NOT the players, it's a flaw in the game.

Any chance of a fix? Does anyone at this company even care?

15th Jul 2007, 10:18
If you want it back , get up one rank on rioja and it should be at the new and all of the rioja safehouses.:D

2nd Nov 2010, 04:11
For Just Cause 2 (PC) you have to select the remote explosive, right click to throw them, after you have set all the ones you want hold the throw button and they will explode. For me the throw button is Mouse 2 (right clicking ). I know this forum is for Just Cause 1 but it may be set up the same way.