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19th Mar 2007, 18:08
First, I love this game and have been playing it non-stop for weeks. While gaming, many people I've spoken with have come up with ideas to make the game better. Please, if you have any good ones, lets post them here. I know they plan to release the first "patch" this month with new units and new maps. Hopefully some of our ideas could make it into patch #2???


1. Troop transports with marines to take/hold bases (air/naval)

2. Mine layers/mine sweepers (Sea Battle on Intellivision anyone?) to protect harbors and shipyard areas.

3. more planes types, sea or and based. (the p-38 was a great start though).

Environment ideas:
1. Not every battle was fought in beautiful weather in the sun. Why not introduce night battles and also other weather (rain, clouds, etc)

2. Ability to move the units/bases before the start of the battle, within reason. This would allow for more battle variation and strategy. Why have a submarine when the other side already knows where its located before the start of the battle?

3. FOG of WAR - While there is some limited war fog, I think it would be more fun (and realistic?) if for example you can see the type of plane (zeros) but have no clue if they are carrying bombs. Or if its a divebomber plane, why should the enemy know whether its Depth Charges or Bombs from 4 miles out?

In game fixes:

1. some sort of way to know who is talking in the lobby as well as the game (flashing name etc).

2. some meter for connectivity/lag

3. an editor to make our own battles and maps and ability to get them published/played on xbox live (ok, i know, but this is a wishlist)

anyone else have other ideas?

21st Mar 2007, 16:40
Please stop making duplicate posts. They already have a sticky up about the patch so you can contribute your idea's to Eidos in the General Discussion


22nd Mar 2007, 07:19
i will do that!!

what was that update today?
it seemed to make all my games crash
or should i not post this here either

27th Mar 2007, 18:47
This is the Xbox 360 Discussion so if you have a 360 and you crashed you may post it here :)

Nautical N00b
28th Mar 2007, 08:51
Even after the "patch" about a week ago i'm getting lagg, freezing and being dumped out of games with 'connection lost'

7th Jun 2007, 01:21
Several of the most important strategic factors in the real battle of Midway has been eliminated from this game. Torpedos and bombs did a lot more damage when they hit in real life. A single bomb put carriers out of commission when hitting the elevator, ammo or fuel on the flight deck, or plane in the hold, which ended up being one of the most important reasons for the success of the American air attack on the enemy carriers. In the game you can put 12 or 16 torpedos into a battleship with direct hits and still not sink it. In the real Midway battle, a mere 7 bomb hits took out 3 carriers. A single bomb hit in the middle of a runway should put it out of commission until it is repaired, as planes can't just roll over a big crater. At Pearl, one bomb took out the USS Arizona.

Since when can't a carrier launch put all of its planes in the air? The choice between landing airborne units, refueling, or changing ordance of the entire ships complement of planes was the key decision by the Japanese command that allowed the American bombers to put the carriers out of commission. Carriers should be able to put all of their planes in action, and suffer the full consequences of the decision. Planes should not have unlimited fuel - because this is a key part of the decision and since refueling in-flight was not done at Midway. Refueling of ships wasn't a key factor in Midway, so it's reasonable to eliminate that element from the game. But the factor of losing planes returning from bombing Midway that were low on fuel was one of the most important decision points for both sides.

Scout planes were essential to both sides at Midway and their information (or lack of it) was another key factor. But the multiplayer maps don't have them.

I'm not expecting the realism of a simulator. However, it's disappointing that a game named after Midway eliminates the key strategic factors of the battle.