View Full Version : STORE ** WARNING** Item and Gold Wipe on Nosgoth Alpha Servers

21st Oct 2013, 13:15
Hi everyone,

We just want to let you know that today we will be wiping the inventory and wallets of all Nosgoth Alpha players. This means we will be resetting the inventory and currency acquired to date for all players.

This is so as to address in-game economy balancing issues and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Players will be able to earn back all acquisitions purged by this wipe, however please bear in mind that we may need to conduct similar wipes in future as we progress through the Closed Alpha Trials.

We appreciate that this news may come as a disappointment, however please understand that in the Alpha phase of development, game features and content will change and evolve as we look to resolve issues that become apparent through the live user gameplay sessions.

21st Oct 2013, 17:27
Wipes doesnt come as a surprice since were testing the game, its to be expected =)
No worries here, just focus on making this game awesome :thumb:

22nd Oct 2013, 05:31
Wipes are expected and are part of the process after all (just don't patch my personal keybindings each time folks :P). Obviously the economy has to be balanced between what we as players want to unlock in a reasonable timeframe and what you as developers need to make from your post-game cut of profits to survive.

However I'd just like to point out that to really test and bughunt specific content, a form of focus-testing unlocks would probably be a good idea. I personally for example had planned on doing a focus test of the Scout (especially the Grappling Hook) this evening and give suggestions based on my experience with that specific class during the next two testing phases. And then move over to the next one. However when I logged in first I had 250g, now it's obviously 0, making the process all the harder ;/

And should I get that done quickly, I'll probably focus-test the Tyrant on the Vampire side next.

22nd Oct 2013, 14:25
We have added the server name to the lobby and in-game score screens. When reporting a bug, it would be a great help to us if you could also report what game you were in.