View Full Version : USER INTERFACE CPU usuage in menu

21st Oct 2013, 06:04
Hi Devteam,
my first round will be played tomorrow, 22th. But I downloaded and installed Nosgoth already and tried a look into the game-menu.
so...there was one point i cant understand: 89% CPU usuage in gamemenu.

Got 4x4ghz overclocked i5.
Just wanna tell you :) that this is maybe not planned.

More reports inc after gaming.


21st Oct 2013, 11:39

You might want to list programs you have running in the background (especially programs that contain overlays/hook into games like Teamspeak, anti-virus etc).
I have a i5-2500 (not overclocked) and get around 25-30% CPU usage, therefore it's probably a background-program causing such an issue with the game.