View Full Version : Cool Lara Croft Forbidden Planet pic I made

16th Mar 2007, 19:28
Ok, look, it's Friday, I was in an empty office, I was bored. These things happen!!!

Didn't take long to make, actually, I traced the original picture with AutoCAD, printed the screen to get a black and white line drawing, coloured it in, huzzaa!

Hope you likes it! :rasp:


19th Mar 2007, 20:40
ooh i like that!

Mad Axeman
19th Mar 2007, 21:02
If Robbie eats her we can all have our own pet Laras :D

John Carter
19th Mar 2007, 22:29
LoL! Cool-ee-OH! :D One of my favorite movies, that.

doctor willard
20th Mar 2007, 11:23
very cool indeed :thumbsup: :D good job!