View Full Version : how can you get more outfits?

Mad Lizzy
9th Mar 2007, 15:54
i have done all time trials and collected all awards but, still there are more outfits to unlock.
this list maybe long but these are all the outfits i got:
goth (includes lace shirt)
dress,ripped (black and red)
suit cream and original
well i have got loads more but i cant seem to remember.:scratch:

how do you get bikinis and other amanda suits:confused:

:nut: lizzy

p.s. my stupid cousin broke my tomb raider legend disk, now i cant play anymore!!!!!!!:mad2:

lara lady
12th Mar 2007, 18:32
Ok here's what you gotta do:

1.Get a NEW Tomb Raider:Legend(buy):)

2.Did you collect ALL you're treasures.(check):) (still with me?)

3.Did you do ALL you're time trails.(check):D

4.Did you get ALL the treasure in Croft Mansion(check):)

5.If NONE of the above work report to stellaswalkthrough.com or google it :nut: like this:stella's walk throughs.You could also try funkylydia.com(i think thats correct) and try their,too.
Lara Lady:p v

You can also send a private message too me.