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19th Oct 2013, 14:14
Due to the lack of time I've only been able to focus on mainly one vampire class: The Sentinel.

I've been seeing some posts of people claiming the abduction skill "too hard to hit" and not very friendly to new players.
Partially i do agree with this but on the other hand this is in my opinion the most powerful skill in the game to tear a organized team of slayers apart. When you land it you simply carry one of their full hp players off for a more or less secure kill. Just fly over an building and drop them from as high as you can, follow up with a dive bomb and auto attack 1-2 times or alternatively wing flap him for even more cc.
I don't even think i have to cover how this will work out if you tell your teammates to wait at a drop location and just deliver slayers to them creating a 3v4 team fight situation.

Feeding from the corpse will in most cases restore most of the hp you lost doing this maneuver.

The trick is simply diving from high altitude which will allow you to reach a very high speed and take them by surprise.

This is why making abducting any easier most likely will unbalance the game quite a lot.

Also there is the satisfaction of successfully executing an abduction which at least for me makes me feel like a blood draining god with wings. :lol:

The problem with the class in my opinion would rather be the pretty "glitchy" issue with flying. Binding it as default to the same key you scale buildings/ jumping to the next building to scale is pretty annoying when you're about to take of from a rooftop.

Also about being in flight there's the constant issue with lag spikes and game optimization sometimes making it a quite buggy experience. A number of times when I've been about to abduct someone out of a team fight i get a lag spike the moment before I'm about to abduct my victim and end up on the ground next to 4 slayers instantly dying.
This has also happened a couple of times when i jump off a building to fly and suddenly find myself standing on the ground below it. But I'm sure this will be worked out in time for beta.

Finally i'd like to press the matters of adding more game mode, but since I've already seen your comments about this on other posts this is being looked into and therefor there's no need for me to press this matter any further.

Overall i must say this is one hell of an alpha, extremely smooth and polished considering that it is an alpha.
Keep up the good work, i am looking forward to play this game a lot in the future! :thumb:

Oh i just remembered one more thing, i think you should remove the auto targeting when vampires are attacking and possibly add a option to use first person view! :)

19th Oct 2013, 16:50
I agree, first it felt impossible to pick some human but after few matches i was able to do it right.

Just clarify it even more, you have to start diving by moving mouse and when you are already diving towards human then hit RMB and it will increase speed and most likely when you hit to target it will pick that up then fly high as possible and it automatically drop him away.

I don't think it should make any easier or it will succeed every time and then it would be too powerful.