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6th Mar 2007, 19:39
New here....have had all TR discs in hand ....fascinated from moment one.....
upgraded tower before finishing any TR before AOD.....Legend was so sweet visually I could not replay(wanted to) AOD(only TR ever completed)........in the "Rate TRL thread" some raiders want action and challenge........TRL offers three difficulties.I've only tried medium so far and some of the spots were sic:mad2:
I did a few levels of all the TRs before the sys. I now have was no longer copasetic.Don't remember loseing as much as some of the complainers in "Rate TRL"

I wrote to Eidos Hopeing for a TEN disc set, ALL TRs upgraded to be as visually excellent as TRL that would play on win XP.......
now I guess it will have to be Vista, etc. etc.

by the way Will TR Anniversary. play on XP or just Vista?We shouldn't have to buy a new computer for ecah new adventure???

Babbling on
Da Baby

Oh yeah Two kinds of Raiders ? Hyper and Laid bacK:) ?Yes ? No?

7th Mar 2007, 15:42
Depending on where I'm at in the game, I'm BOTH kinds.