View Full Version : Allow usage/optimization for multi-thread/core processors

6th Mar 2007, 18:43
A friend of mine just turned me on to Oblivion (geez, those characters could use a few "charisma"/beauty pointers...where's Lara?!).

One of the neat features you can enable there are several options that decide whether or not the game tries to use multiple threads or processors if you are running on a multi-thread or multi-core capable machine.

The game which requires a higher end machine for full graphics (like TombRaiderLegend in that respect), is more playable with multi-threaded/multi-core CPU's. You can also define how many update threads are running to update sprites/actors and increasing the number on a multi-X machine really kicks game play smoothness and play up a notch.

I was disappointed that TRL couldn't take advantage of my multi-core -- with so many things happening and needing update at same time, seems like it would be perfect for a multi-"X" (thread/core) machine.

Probably too late for Anniversary unless they were smart enough to include it already -- maybe did Oblivion was released almost a years ago and had such support. Hopefully there is cross-pollenization of ideas between state of the art games.

Oblivion got the game suspend on "Windows" key press "wrong" (ignores it)...sigh. Something so simple that TRL got *so* right that makes it so much more playable....oh well...