View Full Version : STORE Description of found perks is wrong

19th Oct 2013, 13:23
(I saw this in Tuesday 15 October as well, but wasn't able to write it down properly because it disappears very fast.)
On Thursday 17 October I saw Irq find a perk after a battle (Frenzy), but the description was "repeat that crossbow".
A few matches later I found the perk Steadiness with the same description.

19th Oct 2013, 16:55
Haven't seen this one before, thanks!

19th Oct 2013, 21:42
Hey, I'm Irq!
I found something? ;-)

How do you find stuff, is it just random?

20th Oct 2013, 05:14
Hey, I'm Irq!
I found something? ;-)

How do you find stuff, is it just random?
It is random. It leaves a little bit of excitement for the end of rounds :)

22nd Oct 2013, 19:52
Found scavenger perk. It had grenade's description

25th Oct 2013, 12:05
In the session of Tuesday 22 October I saw three findings (one was my own):
No pain no gain got Catlike Reflexes at 18.30 CEST with the "repeat that crossbow" description.
Someone (maybe me) got Frenzy with the same description.
Someone (maybe me) got Quick Wits with a different description (also starting with a capital and ending with a full stop), I'm not sure if it was the correct description, though (I didn't yet know how to take screenshots in Steam).

Edit: In the gaming session of 29 October I made two screenshot on this bug (I sent them to you):
- I found Berserker with the truncated crossbow description.
- Someone else found Scavenger with a boloas description (which didn't really fit in its frame).

Edit: In the gaming session of 18 November someone found Fleet Footed with the description "repeat that crossbow". I have no screenshot, because it was gone too fast.

Edit: On 21 November I found out that the Quick Wits description was that of "An ingeniously designed crossbow that can fire in rapid succession without reloading".
That same evening I found out that Undying Wisdom also has the bolas description (which still does not fit).
I also noticed that the description of Steadiness has changed since my first post, but now it is the same description that is present at Quick Wits (see a few lines above).
Also the Tinkerer perk has the non-fitting bola description.

Edit: 22 November:
Quick Hands and Vigour both have the description of the crossbow mentioned in Quick Wits (see first line of 21 November).