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6th Mar 2007, 04:28
Why couldn't they come out with a ps2 version of thief 1 and 2 . It's such a headache trying to play these games on the xp and their constantly changing the dx all the time it's hard to play. I have a new puter that has a video card installed NVdia Geforce Go 6150 256mb. some help please as long as it doesn't screw up my puter. again I realy wish they had came out on the ps2 or xbox with these ones.

7th Mar 2007, 03:22
T1 and T2 were developed years ago as PC games. Period. There is no console capability, and there never will be. Thank God for that, because dumbing down for a console (Xbox) was one of several design mistakes that made T3 a lesser game than the first two (in my opinion, at least). T1 and T2 are great games. You should take the trouble to get them to work on your PC. Nothing will happen to your computer, unless you do it to yourself.

XP does present some challenges getting the old games to work properly. Dual cores also present issues. Check here for a FAQ that explains some of the XP and dual core pitfalls. There are permanent fixes to all the issues.


My advice is to persevere and play the games. There are hundreds of Fan Missions available, many of which are better than the originals. Good luck, and have fun.

I don't know what you mean "their constantly changing the dx all the time". Explain what dx means and what happens, and maybe someone can help with that.

17th Mar 2007, 01:50
I'm beginning to wonder about the games it self. I bought it on ebay the company on the package is called Sold out soft ware. if I try to get the DX to run ( oh by the way my lap top runs on a dx9 the games run on a dx6)on an earlier version it go to the instal page . theres no start page on this version of the game. I'm hoping this isn't a pirated game of sorts.
My opinion I enjoy playing on consoles including thief deadly shadows.The games are on a dvd both sides.

17th Mar 2007, 23:45
Well I guess your problem has something to do with sold-out. I know there are some issues with that, but I have no personal knowledge. You could do a search of sold out.

Also, theBlackman may be able to help. But since this thread has a misleading title, why don't you post again with a title saying "Problem with sold-out software version" and see if you get a response.

Try to describe your problem clearly. "Getting a DX to run" makes no sense. DX is installed and is called by the game. Your problem is to get the game to run with DX, drivers, and all other system things. Describe the symptoms exactly and report what version of DX you have as well the operating system, other hardware and software such as video and sound cards and drivers.

18th Mar 2007, 04:45
If you have DirectX9.0c (or whatever the latest one is) you're all set. You are not to try to go and install some earlier version because Thief says it requires the older one - it just required AT LEAST that version, and since yours is newer you're fine. So forget the "DX" issue.

As far as having the Sold Out Software version, there's nothing wrong with it. There is one small issue having to do with getting the NOCD crack to work with the Sold Out Software version, but that's certainly nothing wrong with the game or version.

So other than that, plenty (dozens or hundreds) of us have gotten Thief 1 and 2 to run just fine on Windows XP, but in some cases you have to work around simple problems. Just search around and you'll find plenty of instruction and help for that issue. And remember to forget about "DX" anything.