View Full Version : some wafs i found

4th Mar 2007, 12:33
i found this site that has every wad from tr1-5 http://www.laras-workshop.co.uk/orginalwads.htm, but i downloaded one of them (shakespeare cliff) but all the objects were in weird slots, is there something i need to do the wad or is it not a good wad?

5th Mar 2007, 03:40
The wads you have are direct rips from the TR files , you need to find the objects you want and transfer them into a normal TR4 wad with wadmerger , into an animating or static object slot

You can get wadmerger(in tools section) and tons of custom objects and outfits here

11th Mar 2007, 18:00
The tricky things are the enemies. They are not compatible with the TR4 engine.
So you either need to convert them, which is a painstaking process (and I've never done it myself), but a lot of enemies from other TR games have already been made compatible with LE. :D
You can find a lot of them on the site Gokuz linked to in his post. ;)