View Full Version : Is there a transcript to the community Q&A video?

19th Oct 2013, 00:56
Hi there, I'm new here - just popping in to ask, is there a transcript or summary of the community Q&A video anywhere for those of us who can't stream the video right now? ;(
Thanks in advance & apologies if this is in the place to ask!

19th Oct 2013, 02:37
Not yet. I had privately discussed the possibility of putting one up on the wiki, but I haven't had much free time recently to look into it. Of course if anyone else has the means and motivation, go right ahead :D

19th Oct 2013, 14:06
Hmm.. maybe I will since there is not much for me to do today anyway.

19th Oct 2013, 14:23
The intention with the Q&A I pasted from the Eidos forums was that it would be updated when someone could write up the live one. The Hylden's closed the thread, though, so a moderator/admin will need to do that.

19th Oct 2013, 18:32
I am closing in on the tenth minute, you sure talk fast Bill and George! :D haha, it´s fine, just takes some time.

EDIT: Did almost 13 minutes after three hours... damn, it´s exhausting, I´ll do more later :D

7th Nov 2013, 10:53
Why can't you see the video, DramaLaLa (http://forums.eu.square-enix.com/member.php?u=27065)?

It's up on YT. Surely you're able to watch You Tube videos, are you not? :scratch: