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2nd Mar 2007, 18:59
I was wondering, in order to add some flare back into this game, given that its now at least a year and a half old, if it were possible, or if anyone knew how to allow the neutral countries to attack and conquer both other neutral territories and major powers. E.g. Wouldnt it be great if Hanover conquered Denmark and Saxony and became a major power in doing so? It would add a new dimention to the game making it harder for players who border neutrals.

Sir Crow
6th Apr 2007, 18:14
Good idea m8 but haven't the slightest if it is possible

14th May 2007, 19:07
Hi! First post.

Ive been attacked by opportunistic neutral states before- however, does anybody know if they attack other empires too?

1st Jun 2007, 13:07
Neutral countries cannot even move their armies through or into a capitol province, which makes wars between most of them totally pointless and also diminishes their function in a defensive alliance, because they never can help when a capitol is under siege.

I understand the design decision that they cannot take over a foreign capitol, because otherwise the definition of empires as main players wouldn't mean a thing and you would end up very confused (cause consequently you would need to see ALL hostility values between each and every country in the interface and a lot of other interface aspects and international rules would not work any more). On the other hand: that they cannot manouver armies through or into a capitol province is a serious design flaw.
Sadly I doubt you could modify this, I assume it is hardcoded, because you only can play for example as Spain (and thereby circumvent the rules concerning it is a neutral country) if you put it in the "logical" spot of one of the existing empires (meaning you always lose one of the existing ones to neutral-country-rules).

note: copy-and-paste from my answer in a similar thread.