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1st Mar 2007, 21:14
My favourite secret reward has to be working my butt off in TR3 to find every secret and then getting the reward of the All Hallows level that I wouldnt have seen otherwise.

Should this idea be introduced into TR anniversary?

How would you feel if you found all the secrets and it opened up the ability to play an updated version of TR Unfinished business or a new level entirely?

Or how about it opened up Lara's mansion gates and allowed you to play a level beyond her home?

Or instead would you prefer it to give you extra weapons, open up concept artwork and the like?

What was your favourite secret reward and what would you like to see?

1st Mar 2007, 21:21
I like your ideas, especially about the unfinished business.

I was less adventurous than you; I used cheats to get all of the secrets. (hey, i had to go through every level though, hahaha!) I couldn't get very far into All Hallows... I couldn't see anything, too dark again... sometimes I think I'm blind with some of the levels they put out on the games... sheesh

I think another area on the mansion would be great, I always wondered what was on the other side of that wall...

1st Mar 2007, 21:23
great response pink angel... i think many of us have wondered what lies beyond those gates....

2nd Mar 2007, 01:07
I think this would be cool. If you found all the secrets you could then have access to the exterior environments of the mansion. Everyone would be working their butts off to find all those secrets let me tell you...lol An extra level would be pretty cool too. I personally would put something on their that would lead into or create some excitement for TR Legend 2 (Or whatever they end up calling it). But I'm always thinking about the marketing... ;)

2nd Mar 2007, 12:53
Yeah I think it would be a cool idea... I would like to see the original extra levels (unfinished business et al) from the first three games available on console so it may be a good idea to include them. Do you think there will be a TRAII featuring areas from TR2? Wouldnt that be a cool idea... TRII was probably my favourite TR.

2nd Mar 2007, 17:33
Know this is completely new to TR, but I'd love if the game had two or more different endings; depending on percentage of completion / secret items or whatever.

It'd be rather interesting if, in one of the alternate (ie, NON canon) endings Lara didn't save the world, but overthrow the evil ruler and took her place instead... or joining her and starting a new era... who knows, possibilities of plot twists are endless for the creative minds that come up with the plots themselves... ;)

Just airing some thoughts. We don't have to be restricted to the past of the series, do we. :D

2nd Mar 2007, 22:53
Thats actually quite a good idea... much as I loved TR1 I think that the ending left me a bit flat... I'd love some link from TR1 to TR2 in the ending perhaps... or a hint of future plans.... I really REALLY would love a TRII Anniversary... i can't tell you how much...