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Crazy Nut BE
1st Mar 2007, 21:00
Hey I just checked the leaderboards and all my scores were gone. Does anyone know why? Were the leaderboards wiped clean today or something like that?

1st Mar 2007, 21:55
How about an answer to this, I am beyond pissed that the scores are gone. Are they going to be wiped every month? If so what possible reason could there be for that. Way to kill the replay value of this game, why would anyone work at attaining high scores if they will just be wiped in a month?

Is the point boosting being addressed? Some cheaters like Difcan and others exploited something to get obvious bogus scores on the tulagi map among others . Has that been addressed? Is Eidos TRYING to lose their fanbase? It sure seems that way.

2nd Mar 2007, 09:58
I'm sad about that too. For a month I have been playing this game and all my scores are gone. Why? I don't want to play neither all the campaign on veteran, nor all of challenges again.

2nd Mar 2007, 11:23
I played one SP mission and one MP game, then my overall scores came back. But the specific scores are not showing up. Only the new ones I played are there. It seems like a bug.

3rd Mar 2007, 17:26
Why can't we get some sort of explanation from Keir? Please.