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18th Oct 2013, 15:53
Dear, Tetsuya Nomura and Square Enix.

I don't know whether or not you read these forums or even if you'll be able to read this, being in English and all. But I hope you have your translator on handy for this. I have an idea and I just had to find a way to let you know, even if it wouldn't work.

I've heard that you have tried to include the Jungle Book for a jungle world. Well, if you couldn't do it for whatever reasons, how about trying to include creating a world with similar characters? A world based on the Disney Afternoon show, TaleSpin? It has Baloo, Louie, Shere Khan and panther pilots that looks like Bagheera. And instead of Mowgli, we have Kit Cloudkicker, my favorite daring bear cub who can surf on the clouds!

Since this is an action-adventure show, it should be thrilling as a world in Kingdom Hearts, battling the Heartless, Nobodies and of course, the panic-provoking pirate, Don Karnage and his band of Air Pirates.

Baloo pilots a yellow cargo seaplane known as the Sea Duck, with which, he can out-fly anybody! I had a vision of Sora cloudsurfing alongside Kit, holding the tow rope attached to the Sea Duck in one hand and firing spells with the Keyblade in the other.

As a reward for finding the keyhole in this world, Sora and co. gets a Sea Duck gummi, which gives the players the option to change the gummi ship into a gummi ship version of the Sea Duck!

It would be so cool if you could include TaleSpin in place of the Jungle Book! I hope this message reaches you, if not, it's still a good idea to leave here for others to read.

The Kingdom Hearts series was unusual but pure genius! And by unusual, I mean, who would've thought that a crossover of Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters would mix so well! I love it!

18th Oct 2013, 15:55
If anybody else has ideas or anything they would like to say to the creator of Kingdom Hearts and its' gaming company, feel free to post them here.

23rd Oct 2013, 22:50
Haha what a coincident, I just got done editing my post, added a part about a Talespin world. Literally found ur post 30 seconds after and I am glad I am not the only person who wants a Talespin world.

Hopefully we are at least being read if not considered. Maybe its easier for them to use youtube, besides there are tons of views and opinions over there as well but not all of us have a huge following to help support us.

"Baloo pilots a yellow cargo seaplane known as the Sea Duck, with which, he can out-fly anybody! I had a vision of Sora cloudsurfing alongside Kit, holding the tow rope attached to the Sea Duck in one hand and firing spells with the Keyblade in the other." --- This seems like a pretty feasible idea that I could see working.

Talespin brings a lot to the table, different environments like rocks. mountains. cliffs. lakes as well as cities, buildings maybe even docs and runways.
Sora could, like we have said, fly an airplane, ride the clouds (or that glider thing Kit Cloudkicker has), maybe even jump building tops or glide between, parashoot, go on speed boats off waterfalls and there is so much that he could actually do.

The only downside I can think of is not having all the voice actors because, lets face it the show only ran 1990-94 according to my sources (wiki) but it probably aired reruns for a while after. And getting voice actors that can fill their character maybe harder than I would think.

24th Oct 2013, 01:11
Jim Cummings is known for voicing Darkwing Duck, Dr. Robotnik from Sonic the Hedgehog, and Pete, as well as being the current voice of both Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, as well as the Tasmanian Devil. Since Pooh and Tigger are in Kingdom Hearts, Jim would be selected as one of the voice actors. He voiced Don Karnage and Louie in TaleSpin, along with a few others. And John Goodman voiced Baloo in Jungle Book 2, so they might to get him to voice Baloo again. All that's left is to find a voice for Kit. R.J. Williams and Alan Roberts did the voice for Kit over 20 years ago, so they may have to find a voice that sounds similar to it.

26th Apr 2014, 19:37
Konnichua, Nomura-san. I wish to explain that many Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts fans alike agree that both franchises should one day receive a crossover spinoff. In representation of these fans, here is a rather quick summary of an idea that describes the two versions of "Pokemon Hearts":

Wii U Version

Main Characters- Pikachu and Gardevoir
Main Side Characters- Sora and Aqua

Main Antagonist: Darkrai

Summarized Plot:

Pikachu and Gardevoir enter a mysterious portal that leads to the Kingdom Hearts dimension. They learn that the corrupt Darkrai has caused a new threat to this dimension, and uses the Heartless and certain Nobodies to perform his bidding. Pikachu and Gardevoir meet various cast members of the Kingdom Hearts series that guide them through different areas of the dimension. With special and concrete help from Sora and Aqua, the two Pokemon must defeat the new evil in order to regain the light and return home.

Playstation 4 Version

Main Characters- Sora and Aqua
Main Side Characters- Pikachu and Gardevoir

Main Antagonist: Xemnas

Summarized Plot:
Sora and Aqua enter a portal that leads to the dimension of the Mystery Dungeons. They noticed strange Heartless attacking the different parts of the dimension. Sora realizes that it is Xemnas that is causing the trouble. Aqua joins the young warrior to prevent the Dungeons from going berserk.
As they begin their journey, two special Pokemon accompany the Keyblade Wielders in their quest: Gardevoir and Pikachu. With the support of the creatures, Aqua amd Sora set off to defeat Xemnas and return to their home universe.


Wii U version: Full 3D Mystery Dungeon gameplay (in collaboration with Spike Chunsoft), with Kingdom Hearts elements

PS4 version: Kingdom Hearts gameplay, with Mystery Dungeon elements

Final Story

The Wii U and the PS4 can interconnect via an exclusive technology I call "CrossBadge".
Both consoles can use a specific connection only available to them (thus, no Xbox consoles). The final battle between the dark and nothing against the light and heart will be settled on the very edges of both dimensions.....

I had made fanmade boxarts for this idea, but unfortunately I do not know how to place the images on this forum. However, they are available upon your request.

Arigato gosaimasu in advance for your consideration, and good luck in the development of Kingdom Hearts III.

Bryan Pereyra