View Full Version : 600 MP for one multiplayer Map?????????

27th Feb 2007, 05:07
This by far is my favorite game on 360 and quite possibly on any console ever, but I can not justify paying 8 bucks for 1 multiplayer Map. I understand that it also has a single player mission, but I haven't even touched single player, nor do I care to. Even for people that enjoy single player, paying 8 bucks for 1 mission and 1 multi-map is still not worth it.

I've been waiting eagerly for Content. This news is really crushing to me. I'm as big of fan as anyone of this game and If I'm not buying content something is wrong. DC should be exciting and everyone should be anticipating it and get that can't wait feeling. I don't get that feeling and to be honest I feel not only shorted, but ripped off.

Charging 8 bucks for 1 lousy map is unheard of. Call of Duty 2 charged 10 for 5 maps and gave 2 maps free in a seperate download a few weeks before they released there paid DC. Guess what, they made a couple million of that map pack because it had VALUE. 5 MAPS for 10 BUCKS was a DEAL!!!!!!! 1 Map for 8 bucks is not a deal. It just sucks.

You know why the heck can't they just let us pick different setups for units on each map. It really sucks when you have perfectly good maps, that are already designed and they suck to play because the pre-selected ships suck. :mad2:

27th Feb 2007, 05:35
There is already a thread on this in teh general section.