View Full Version : Bread crumb trail on forum not working...

18th Oct 2013, 06:54
Is it me or has the bread crumb trail on the forum stopped working? that when you are in a thread you can no longer click in the forum section name you're in or the main Nosgoth forum name...I swear it used to work...It seems Forum Settings has dropped down so over shadows it. You have to click Forum again in the top right hand corner to get to another part.

Heh life seems to be full off issues...oh this is off a computer and actually not off the mobile device for once! :D

18th Oct 2013, 07:17
It is working just fine for me here.

Can you provide a page link where it is not working for you?

And what browser / version are you using?

Also, if you could post a screenshot that might help :)

18th Oct 2013, 17:51
Ok…I’m using the latest Google Chrome (it displays fine on the machines with IE8 & 10 but then I have the eternal logged in/out issues). It displayed fine up to a week ago in Chrome – and it displays ok when I’m not signed in but as soon as I’m signed in some of the settings seem to drop down over the trail…here’s a screen shot of it…

…with the issues I’ve been having across the spectrum I’m starting to think the Elder God has control of this forum and doesn’t want me here - heh.

EDIT: The problem happens on all parts of the forum.

EDIT 2: Don't worry about the whole thing...I just found out what's causing the issue, it drops down when the browser view is above 100%...my bad...I suck...and am a fool...I know - didn't realise it had gone up *walks away with head lowered in shame*

7th Nov 2013, 11:02
Glad to hear you found the solution, heh :D