View Full Version : Tomb Raider Anniversary on DS????

25th Feb 2007, 16:56
Has anyone heard yet if the anniversary game will be made available for the nintendo DS like tomb raider ledgend was?

And whilst on the subject of lara croft and tomb raider, has anyone heard the latest regarding the third tomb raider film? last I heard as the angelina was in training to get ready to start filming, but they were still looking for a script writer.

So whats the latest? does anyone know?


25th Feb 2007, 17:36
There hasn't been official word so far; but hopefully Eidos will get Anniversary released on Nintendo platforms as well (not only handheld).

Regarding the movie, last I heard they already had hired a script writer, and they were studying a tie in with the ninth game of the series. How it will work out, nobody knows.