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Arthur 222
25th Feb 2007, 16:52
Hi all, my first post in thses forums:D

I played the first game and I was just thinking will the drops be the same
as the first game or the same as legend?
Because in legend you has so many drops and you could not pick
most of it up because invent was full and in the orginal game drops where rare and it was exciting when something dropped. Also will we be able to
have as amny weapons as we can find?

25th Feb 2007, 17:37
Apparently the bottomless, tranversal backpack has returned, so we're likely to be able to carry as many items as we find. Not sure about the weapons, and not sure if I want pistols magically morphing into Uzis as Lara slides them in and out of the same holsters; but we'll see how that works out.

26th Feb 2007, 20:21
Though the backpack is supposed to be nigh infinite in it's capacity, I expect there to be a limit on the number of weapons you can carry. I think that the weapons should be limited to some extent, as otherwise the game would be too simple.