View Full Version : Tomb Raider on the PS3?

Vixen VS
25th Feb 2007, 02:21
I don't currently own a PS2 or PSP and so I wondered if anybody could please tell me if TRA will be backwards compatible on the PS3?

Vixen VS
25th Feb 2007, 09:32
Legend on the PS3? It's not out on the PS3.
I am asking because PS3 is not out here yet and I dont know how many ps2 games work on the PS3.

25th Feb 2007, 10:06
I believe there will not be a next-gen version of TR:A, i.e. there will be no PS3 game called Tomb Raider: Anniversary. But, whether or not you can play the PS2 version as a backwards compatible game on the PS3, I don't know. :)

Vixen VS
25th Feb 2007, 14:42
Thank you, that is what I wanted to know. You see here in the UK we have just found out that the number of backwards compatible ps2 games are very limited. I just wondered if I need to buy a PS2 as well as a PS3.

25th Feb 2007, 23:58
Somewhere here (I'm UK too) is selling PS2s for only £49... possibly Sainsbury's or Argos. They did the same for the original xbox a few months ago.

Edit - It's Asda who are selling them for £49. Just a bit more expensive than a PS3 game. :D