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24th Feb 2007, 14:16
I love the SP mission raid on tulagi.This is how I beat this losing no landing craft.

1.First launch two squadrons of torpedo bombers to attack the cruiser that is heading towards you.While they are on their way Ilaunch two squadrons of fighters.

2.Have one squadron of fighters patrol south of the airfield to deal with val bombers.The other squadron I send to the airfield to deal with fighters.Switch to your torpedo squadrons and sink the cuiser as soon as it is sunk recall your torpedo squdrons.

3.With the fighter dealing with the Jap planes send the B-17`s to take out the airfield.Just let them do it themselves while you concentrate on shooting down fighters and bombers.When the airfield is out of action send a squadron of fighters to patrol south of the shipyard to strafe pt boats and deal with emily recon planes.Recall the othe fighter squadron to your carrier.

4.As soon as your torpedo squadrons land change them to dive bombers ans send one todeal with the destoyer on the eastern tip of trhe island.The other send to the other destroyer that is escorting the cargo ships.As soon as the DD`s are gone despatch DD dewey to sink the cargo ships.Take DD perkins and station halway between your carrier and the shipyard.

5.When the dive bombers and recalled fighter squadron land send two squadrons of dive bombers to deal with the fortress on the island.Change the fighters for torp bombers and send them to a point South south west of the western tip of the main island.

6.Recall your last fighter squadron and as soon as they land change them to torp bombers and send them to the same place as you sent the other squadron.Your dive bombers should have landed by now so send one squadron to join the torp bombers.With the other attack the shipyard.

7.When the shipyard is destroyed and the support ships appear take your dive bombers which you placed there earlier and attack and sink the DD when that has gone select one of the torp squadrons and attack the cruiser when that is done select the other squadron and attack the cruiser again and it will sink it.The CL and DD should never get a shot off at your landing craft

10th Jun 2007, 14:41
well go you

10th Jun 2007, 15:55
i'm doing this :

it works by me :D

21st Dec 2007, 02:46
This could help a certain someone I think...