View Full Version : Do you want motorbike shootout parts?

24th Feb 2007, 11:07
I certainly don't, this is tomb raider, and it dosn't fit in well for me:mad:

24th Feb 2007, 11:17
Mad smilie bad. Bad, bad, bad.

There won't be any vehicles in Anniversary.

24th Feb 2007, 12:05
what the hell:scratch:, your username isn't in capitals anymore:eek: :confused:

24th Feb 2007, 14:32
We already know there are no vehicles so l am not even going to vote. But there is nothing anywhere that says a Tomb Raider game cannot have Lara riding a bike and shooting people, she has done it often enough in the past before Legend was even thought of :p

24th Feb 2007, 14:59
I'm not shouting at anyone, I need people to read the following message so I made it big so no/one would just go past it:

I put this in the wrong section and I'm aware that there won't be any viecles to use!, this thread is for future games!

24th Feb 2007, 15:22
Well you should have stated that then, instead of trying to blind and deafen us at the same time. We do not discuss future games in the anniversary forum :whistle:

24th Feb 2007, 15:24
I didn't know were to post it but I knew it definatly shouldn't have been in the AE section so I made a mistake

24th Feb 2007, 16:05
were am I meant to post it then?

This guy also showing activity like me on the FORUM overthere (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/). :p
Me (same feeling) too!!! Then... After sometime, Admin or MOD
banned me!!! You are also be careful to act on this TR-FORUM...

hehe~ :lmao:

Actually, this FORUM is more calrm than overthere.
And this forum looks more courteously(=old TR fans)
I guess. But I like rather this guy's actitivity. That's right!!!
If you, anybody don't agree? Just look and go~ Don't reply.
That's all. But I don't know your issue. This is problem.

hehe~ :rasp:

So this forum having problem is too easy to create a poll to anybody.
(vice-versa, too difficult to make a poll overthere (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/). ONLY can make by MOD)
Normally, this poll will bigin for finishing and finding conclusion any
hot-issues arguing on the forum if there are so many replies over 100.
But this poll already biginning here?!?! Your arguing is "No need to see
vehicle(and to shoot in it) in TR", isn't it? Such like Kazah level or
Peru level on TRL? Is it correct? I liked it. Why? New Technology!!!
Anyway I'm always welcome to see into TR any new techonology!!!
But problem was... Too long!!! Auto-bike shooting scean was too long!!!
This was boring... You know? Kazah Auto-bike scean was too long
for my feeling... Peru level? I was interesting about this Auto-bike.
But again in Kazah too?!?! Too long... So that was my arguing at that
time... Why not put this Auto-bike on Lara's home? That's better...

So now... Simple question approching is better.
What is your choice? Look below and select one.

(1) You like Auto-bike on TR?
(2) You like Auto-bike and shooting on it is enjoying?
(3) You like NEVER about any vehicles in TR.
(4) You like rather another vehicles better than Auto-bike.

Auto-bike is important object in TR since the beginning.
You should know about that. So many ppl needed to ride that
Auto-bike at the first TR_01. But now... It is Realized!!!
Lara can ride a auto-bike now. But you say "STOP" vehicles?!?!
That's non-sense... Rather Auto-bike ONLY in Lara's home
is correct arguing. I guess. I like to see this Auto-bike in the future.
Normally, I all agree to EIDOS policy. So I'd like to give to them
freely more INFO from as a users in the world.


I like Auto-bike. But how long to ride this Auto-bike is problem.
(Auto-bike mean all of vehicles with 4 wheel, and 2 wheel included.)
So I suggest... Only riding a Auto-bike in Lara's home is better?!?! :confused: