View Full Version : Stop being so biased towards the xbox 360 devs!

24th Feb 2007, 05:17
This is ridiculous, they already got downloadable content we have yet to get AND we havent gotten the patch that puts us simply "on par" with the stability of the 360 version. I mean come on, we paid $10 less for our version, but don't be abusive >:(

Kai Robin
24th Feb 2007, 21:07
Your facts are a little off, the DLC has been announced, not released. There's no reason to believe it won't come out for PC just because IGN put out the first article on it in their X360 section, if anything PC might be luckier because we may end up getting it for free. The whole free for pc but charged for 360 has happened before.

24th Feb 2007, 21:59
Lets also not forget that PC owners have had the luxory of getting a screen saver and such and much earlier than the 360 online stuff.

26th Feb 2007, 05:04
dont worry 360 owners are being played(NO PUN INTENDED) they only getting it if they pay for it. It seems like a test to me to see if there is a market there for people to spend there money then they will move onto pc gamers wallets