View Full Version : Project: Snowblind 2

24th Feb 2007, 02:56
Hello all! I come bringing complaints. While I love Tomb Raider and I personally buy any games that CD makes...

... I have a special place in my heart for Project: Snowblind. While the game recieved some critisism.. I thought it was an amazing game. I loved it, the weapons, the enemies, the story (Shutup, it was great)...

I just hope CD reads this and knows that there is still a lot of love for PS and me and my friends still hope that one day we may enjoy a sequel.

Oh and to the Tomb Raider fans, please don't shoot me for posting a completely unrelated topic, because I am buying Anniversary... and if I get shot I might just retract my pre-order and PIRACY IT!! BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!

... -_- -raises wooden shield-