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rabid metro
22nd Feb 2007, 03:24
this preview article was posted at tombraider chronicles:


it mentions a demo, the t-rex and other goodies!


22nd Feb 2007, 12:23
Maybe after they test it, then make a few changes we'll be able to play the demo.

rabid metro
23rd Feb 2007, 02:24
other than the mention of there being 12 levels in 10ann, i'm concerned that no one is talking about the length of 10ann.

the preview article mentions non-linear play, which is cool. i hope there are rewards for straying away from the beaten path.

when the demo is released, you'll probably be able to tell, how long the actual game might be. however, if the demo release is going to be just weeks before the actual release then i'll just wait ... if the demo is released to allow for meaningful feedback that would be way cool, also!

i'll bet many people here think that whining is what prompted crystal dynamics to make many of the decisions that they made for 10ann. i'm glad changes are coming, however i think the truth is probably closer to the fact that CD is simply making wise choices about what makes for a strong, competitive game. after all, they do have the advantage of 10 years of tomb raider market research and they are not overly infatuated with their new baby, so to speak ... so they can avoid making newbie mistakes with its development. its simply good PR to credit the fans for changes. we should probably expect design decisions to swing back and forth between the Legend series and "throwbacks" as CD locks-in on the ultimate combination of features that will make tomb raider the greatest, greatest game of all time. another cool thing is the fact that each new release, for now, is destined to be better than its predecessor. this wasn't true for the original series. hats off to Toby and the clear thinkers at CD!

raid on!