View Full Version : have i...yes ive gone mad!!!!

Mad Lizzy
21st Feb 2007, 20:51
pls does anyone know when tomb raider anniversary is out.?:o

if its out already i will keep hitting myself with a brick!!!:mad2:

just...someone, someone put me out of my misery.
not trying to say i will die if i dont get it but....its always good to know:thumbsup:
who hopes it is gonna be...well...fantastic?:D :lmao:
alright, now i am going mad!:nut:
no wonder im called mad lizzy!:rolleyes:

:nut: lizzy

21st Feb 2007, 21:22
TRA is not out yet. It sounds like it will be out April/May. Why don't you try looking at the TRA boards?: http://forums.eidosgames.com/forumdisplay.php?f=208

21st Feb 2007, 21:53
Well, the official release of when the game i believe has come out...and I think that the Release date is May 17th or around there. Im So excited!!! :D