View Full Version : BOTH FACTIONS Feedback on past 2 days.

17th Oct 2013, 18:54
To start it of, Great game!
Great gameplay, fun to play.

- Shop: Expired items, why do they stay in my inventory if I can only delete them?
- Sentinal: Dropping players in the water gives you no rewards....not even an assist.
- Sometimes u lose even if you have an higher match total...
- Game crashes when u die and u have score screen on...Tested it out...I think it doesnt like the loadout page and scorescreen at the same time.
- Reaver gass grenade has sick DPS, 200 damage every sec, 2x700=1400 dps if you get someone in the gass...
Dont know if it can stack, but if it can, waaaay to strong..This also brings me to my last point...
- Class limits: full teams of one class can break the game so hard(reaver chain jumps and gass grenade spam, scout volleybarrel spam). I think the game has more balance if every class is limited to 2 per game.

Keep up the good work, great alpha gameplay!
Enjoyed my gametime.

Kind regards,