View Full Version : Thief 3 different from Thief 1 and 2 (dissapointed)

20th Feb 2007, 08:05
Are there anymore die-hard thief players who find the new Thief 3 a dissapointment?
ive been playing the older games many many times till today; i took a look
for the 1st time at Thief 3 yesterday, but it feels really different

it takes long and a drag to jump?
levels feel small?
it so easy to say in the dark spots?
guards are a lot less fanatic and alert?
every time when loading there is a Keepers message?
loading to go to another part in the level?

nah, this is not good for the Thief experiece, unfortunately

the graphics and shadows are nice though
perhaps that the Thief 3 editor can bring some bigger maps etc.
anyone else long time thief player that got dissapointed?

20th Feb 2007, 14:14
btw what is up with those guards
it seems so easy to get rid of them when you run away for some time and
afterwards they dont seem to be to alerted...?

20th Feb 2007, 18:08
You might just try a harder difficulty level for the guards.

All of your other complaints have been talked about - most of us agree with your list. But after playing for a while you begin to get used to them, and the game really shines on a few levels, so it's still a great game and very fun and cool in the end. Give it some more time and play deeper into it.

It has a lot more improvements over the first two games other than just graphics and shadows as well, such as nice physics, living city, body awareness, much improved mantling, more voice acting, and many other things.

20th Feb 2007, 19:46
HI Komag,

i was indeed afraid these matters had already been discusssed
WELL, i just installed the patch and the minimalistic project and THAT
looks a whole lot better!

thx for your reply