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19th Feb 2007, 22:30
I got this game the day it came out, and I spend alot of time playing it. Recently there seem to be an influx of noob's, so much so that I can't play a game without having a teamate who is completely useless. Actually worse than useless, damn near suicidal which cause them to lose their their units within the first few minutes of the game. I would rather have a teamate who drops right at the beginning.

Here's some tips for those of you playing mulitplayer for the first time:

- Turn your mic on. Yea, their are some annoying people out there, but you can always mute them.

- Don't drive your carrier towards the enemy, especially critical on Battle of Samar. Nothing worse when playing as the American's and watching one of you teamates drive their carrier towards the Yamato.

- Don't drive your battleship straight ahead on Steel Beasts. Turn North or South to to bring all your guns to fire. Don't be the guy to lose 1/4 of your teams forces because you want to be gung ho!

- If you launch fighters, don't just leave them circling your airfield or carrier and wait for enemy planes to close in before your fighters attack. Send them out to meet enemy planes before they get too close.

- If you are a submarine, don't forget about planes mounted with depth charges. It only takes one squad to sink you.

- On Island of Solomon, if you control the shipyard that produces battleships, don't make two destoyers!

That's about it for now. Just venting some anger after a few rediculous games.

Post some of you own thoughts.

19th Feb 2007, 23:09
we had 1 noob on the island of solomon who built destroyers with his shipyard- thats why we lost the game even tho we took out their shipyard- their battleship took out ours & in the end we were screwed having to concentrate all our aircraft onto their BB & CL with enemy dive bombers coming at our airfields

20th Feb 2007, 00:10
I absolutely hate it when the outlook isn't so great and teamates decide to bail before the game's end. The game can turn so easily and it really kills the gameplay to be kicked from a good game because too many people decided to check out early.

m t freestyler
20th Feb 2007, 05:22
the main reason is that it has just been released in australia and asia

Muddled Muppet
20th Feb 2007, 14:26
while i know how you feel you probably woulda had more newer players lookin at your hints if u had a freindlier title than 'Noob's'

Myself I can't believe how many people are still gettng to grips with it........ after all i bet some of them will have had it for days now.

20th Feb 2007, 17:59
Everybody has to start somewere. What is even worse is when people loose thier pateince and start screaming at someone down the mick. Try to help them and if they ignore you just get on with it, it's only a game and somepeople seem to think winnig is everything.