View Full Version : Feature request: Active units bar

19th Feb 2007, 04:20
I nice feature that the next patch (or the one after) could have is a simple unit bar showing you on the left of the screen, which units you currently control. Additionally you could click on any of the icons to take immediate control (instead of pressing E or Q until you get to it). The unit you currently control would be stroked in yellow just like the units you select on the map.

This would however require an ingame mouse cursor, which could be toggled on/off via a key that you hold... such as CTRL for example. You'd hold CTRL down to show the cursor, and click on the unit icon on the unit bar...

See screenshot that I made for an example of what it could look like:


This bar would give a quick overview of what units you control and (for planes) show you how many are left without you having to go in the map, hence speeding up the game a little (this is not Risk after all!). It would also help a lot to know when you inherit of a unit from someone else.

If you want to add even more functionality, add a right-click context menu with commands such as "Give Unit" or for planes squadrons "Land" and such...

Eidos, if you see this and you think it's a good idea, please submit it to the design team on my behalf :)